"REVOLUTIONIZED PORTRAITS" happens to be a new artistic version of portrait painting that was developed by Booker W. Taylor III. These portraits contain a mix of different artistic genres which includes; realism, pop art, abstract, expressionism, impressionism, and illustration all rolled into one piece. The essence of the person is captured in these pieces not just what is seen physically.


Each REVOLUTIONIZED PORTRAIT will have the subject/model as the star and main focus of the piece, with the use of facial expressions and vivid colors to support the spiritual essence of the person. Since we are all unique human beings with different personalities, every REVOLUTIONIZED PORTRAIT will be one of a kind.


If you would like to have a "REVOLUTIONIZED PORTRAIT" painted for you by Booker W. Taylor III, subscribe to and contact Booker though our website. There is a $50 deposit fee to get you started, and the Commission Fee is $300. Both of these fees can be paid through our website. The standard size canvas for a "REVOLUTIONIZED POTRAIT" is 20"X 30".