dARIEN TAYLOR aka "Dicasso"

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Becoming an artist was not in my future at one point in time, but I can say becoming one was the best decision I've ever made. Me being able to be create, was a talent I've kept stashed away for years, like money on a rainy day. I'm from a small suburban city Woodbridge, where I grew up with both my parents and three older siblings. Art has been apart of me since I was about five years old. I use to watch my older brother draw and I was inspired at first sight. I use to just watch him all day until he went in the military. Once he left, I picked up the pencil and started to create. Growing up, I did a lot of artwork, but never finished or even talked about it. The only time I drew anything was when I was either going through something or I was just bored. It was therapeutic to me back then.


 I was an athlete throughout middle and high school. I planned on playing basketball in college, but that plan didn’t happen once I graduated. I first went to Nova, a community college that is in my area. I majored in fine arts there, but for some reason I was still insecure about myself and the work I created. I remember my professor telling me one day at the end of class, “you need to get into these art shows that the school has and other ones as well.” I said I would but never did. After a year attending Nova, I transferred to Virginia State University and changed my career path where I majored in Mass Communication with a minor in Sport Management. After graduation back in May of 2018, with barley any money in my pockets, I went out and bought a canvas and some paint and got to work. Mind you, this was my first time painting anything since I was in high school. After I finished, I felt a lot better about myself. I did a self portrait shortly after, and that’s when I knew I found my passion and the rest is history.