BloodLine Revolution is an organization that promotes positive progression through business, art, music, fashion, and positive messaging. We are promoting the idea of knowing that; "A limitation is a manmade concept, at any given moment it can be changed and made better than it was before". With this being our guide, we focus on the subjects most will view as the "IMPOSSIBLE", and we focus on making those subjects "POSSIBLE". When you eliminate any and all limitations, you see that many opportunities are in your hands, and you then realize that the only person holding you back from those opportunities is you.


View us not as influencers, but as "Catalysts for Change". We understand the importance of progression, and taking those steps towards updating our culture. Since we are catalysts, our goal is to make our energy contagious throughout the world. We are making our contribution towards culture progression in ways that haven't been done before. We will always find innovative ways to reach the reach the public, and through our efforts, we have been described as being a bridge that brings people together.


BloodLine Revolution understands that a true revolution starts within yourself. Then it spreads through to your family, tribes, and all the way through to the entire world. Allow us to be that catalyst, and together eliminate limitations. Together, let's REVOLUTIONIZE one thing, just so together we can REVOLUTIONIZE EVERYTHING else.


-BloodLine Revolution, LLC

BR logo.jpeg

"The Seal of the BloodLine Revolution"


There is a story behind every brand, and an even deeper story behind every logo. "The Seal of the BloodLine Revolution" represents leadership at the highest power. There's a lot more to it than just 5 stars, 2 letters, and three chevrons.


5 Strars: The combination of stars signify royalty and lineage among a community of people, and having the ability to illuminate brighter than any star.


Three Chevrons: The chevrons represent leadership, by having the ability to lead anyone, and everyone towards positivity even in the darkest of situations.


Letters "B" & "R": These letters have a few different meanings, that are parallel to famous phrases. The letters "B" & "R" are reversed with their backs to each other, to symbolize unity, by supporting the famous phrase; "I got your back". Because of the position of the letters, gives the appearance of them standing on the shoulders of the large star in the center. This supports the famous metaphor, "Standing on the shoulders of Giants", which means discovering the real truth by building from previous discoveries.